Illustration class workshop (first 2 weeks)

About 2 weeks into my illustration workshop and I have already gotten a lot out of it. Yes, I was the silly person who thought there was only a little brainstorming done on the images for each page of a book and somehow just ended up perfect. Well that’s far from the truth.

First there are thought bubble brainstorming, then 5 million thumbnail drawings in every angle and placement possible….then several bigger drawings playing around with shadows, colors and lots of critiquing. Then and only then you bust out the final detailed artwork.

My work this week is using the words:Pig, Chair & Confused. Plus playing with shadows and 1 color.

My rough drawing is of a pig that drank a potion that turned him into a chair. I used my one color to emphasize the liquid he drank that made him what he is now (a pig chair).

This was a blast and after my critique group on Tuesday and edits I will be Turing this work into a watercolor final design.

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